Learning & development consulting

Based on your business DNA we determine the best course of action for you to take. There are four key processes we work through with you in discerning the best learning strategy for your company and bringing it to life: research, development, data analytics and post-launch consulting.


To give you a thorough direction as to what type of learning your organisation needs we first engage in a rigorous analysis of your business, its needs and objectives. If your company already has a learning platform we audit it, measure its effectiveness against your objectives and analyse current learner journeys to discover what new measures can be taken.


Once we understand your objectives, our specialists determine what learning system is best suited to your organisation, develop your workers’ learner journey and, when needed, engage subject experts and instructional designers to help build your curriculum and content.

Data is key

With the platform in place we have a range of tools that give you full visibility to all the data they accrue, giving you unprecedented analytic capabilities to review, adapt and change operational practices that can totally transform your business.

Post-launch consulting

Here we focus on getting you the most out of the analytics now readily available to you. We help you accrue the data to be analysed and determine optimisations at every point necessary. Through our platform we also cultivate a beneficial integration of your company’s suppliers and stakeholders.