Custom learning content

Incite, inspire and ignite the very best out of every individual.

Tailored to the learner

Custom learning content is hands down the most targeted, personalised and engaging way for any individual to learn. It takes into account who is learning and their skills. Furthermore it perfectly matches interactivity levels with ability and actively engages through a variety of learning methods, from simple eLearning through to games-based and scenario-based learning.

Tailored to your business objectives

Its specificity and flexibility benefit your company by taking into account course objectives and learning outcomes according to your business needs and significantly is able to adapt to budget constraints.

In forming custom content for you we also include instructional design with graphic design and development, and can either fully outsource the content or build templates to allow you to create your own in-house future content.

There are 6 key areas where custom learning can greatly benefit you.

Product training

Scenario-based learning promoting product expertise and skilfully sharing it within customer sales interactions

Customer service

Specific scenario training of handling customers when things go wrong and how to generate positive outcomes


Making your staff prepped and ready to hit the ground running and minimising risks (OH&S)


Helping staff and their knowledge to become a positive extension of your brand’s story


The integration of mandatory or best practice compliance modules like Work, Health and Safety as well as ones for your company’s particular practices

Professional development

Continuously up-skilling your staff through continual professional development, building their soft skills or leadership capabilities