Continued Professional Development

Continued Professional Development (CPD) is the process of undertaking work related learning throughout the year in order to remain abreast of industry trends and developments. CPD has become in increasing relevant in recent years due to rapid changes in technology and communications. Compulsory CPD is unique to specific professions in Australia including real estate, nursing, legal, engineering, insurance and even yoga instructors!

People working in these sectors are required to meet minimum educational requirements, verify this knowledge through competency-based assesFranchisents and provide evidence of CPD in order to be granted continuing registration as practitioners.

To meet these requirements attendance at mandatory professional development events is common, however these ‘workshops’ are becoming less effective as the content is often too broad or not relevant to large parts of the audience. Releasing large numbers of staff simultaneously to attend such events is can also be difficult. This type of CPD can also be counterproductive as much of the ‘learning’ is not retained and even less likely to be applied once returning to daily routine.

At Peopleplan we provide an alternative method of delivering CPD, where professionals engage in learning experiences delivered via the cloud, 24/7, 365 days a year. We offer a learner-centric, cost-effective, easily accessible and completely measurable means of CPD. Professionals have control and responsibility for the learning and content can be delivered whenever and wherever a learner has access, allowing greater flexibility.

There is active participation which greatly enhances retention and transfer of learning. As a result, participants are more likely to consider professional development relevant and they are more likely to implement improved practices.

Records of completion and continuing education credits can be used for a professional portfolio, career or educational advancement and for annual performance appraisals.