Accredited training

Framing official recognition for personal drive and ambition.

Creating a career long recognition of learning is a founding principle of Peopleplan Education. Accredited training is at the very heart of what we do. We are experts in providing excellent and inspiring training solutions, informed by solid connections within industry and delivered by exceptional learning and facilitation specialists. We’re there for people who wish to up their professional game every step of the way and we’re in it for the long run with an eye on the bigger career picture.

We provide accredited training across the industries of care, retail, business (small & large), volunteering, manufacturing & logistics and financial & professional services. And we have a suite of cross industry qualifications covering specialist areas including customer service, leadership, sales & marketing, management & business, and compliance.

Our training can help every one at every level of business step up.

We train people in bespoke consultancy services, strategy and personal professional development programs wanting to improve their creativity in leadership through to people in middle management and leader programs with ambitions to become inspiring leaders, through to employees who want to be empowered with responsibility and jobseekers who aim at becoming valued employees.

There are multiple positive outcomes in our training for each group but below are our five fundamental learning models that form the basis of our experiential results.

  • Face-to-face - a hands on approach that gains maximum outcomes and knowledge sharing
  • Online learning - giving the individual and organisations the ultimate flexibility and control over when and where to learn.
  • Blended - a combination of face to face and online - joining the best of both worlds
  • Recognition of prior learning - recognising current skills and knowledge and progressing from that point
  • Bespoke - custom built courses to an individual’s needs