Workforce Management

Many businesses involved in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and field services sectors have to deploy and monitor large workforces for sales, promotion, merchandising, delivery and maintenance activities. These employees and contractors sometime represent more than one brand in the marketplace and often work in different locations. Many are also employed on a casual basis. This unique combination can present challenges around consistency.

Workforce management businesses typically have a high percentage of casual staff, highly mobile staff and staff representing numerous businesses or brands. They pan and manage activities such as sampling, security, promotions, merchandising, delivery, installation and maintenance.

We ensure that people representing your business (or your clients business) are all “on the same page”. We see they are effectively inducted so they know the key messages and correct procedures and they have the right level of product knowledge. We also ensure they have sufficient customer service skills and are completely aware of their responsibilities for the job at hand.