Sport & Tourism

Whether you’re a participant, coach or just a supporter roaring from the sidelines, sport is something of a national obsession in Australia. At Peopleplan we help sporting organisations grow their brand and engage stakeholders across all levels of their sport.

Peopleplan provide a range of online courses and learning materials to support the education and training needs of thousands of umpires, coaches, volunteers, players and club managers. This content compliments the traditional face-to-face delivery of sports education and training. It’s user-friendly and features the latest interactive technology, including videos of athletes sharing their experiences, case studies, practical scenarios and quizzes.

With regards to administration, modules we’ve developed in conjunction with some of the most successful sporting groups in Australia cover areas such as Positive Conduct (behaviour of athletes, administrators, officials and supporters to enhance the reputation of the sport), Coaching and Officiating (encouraging new officials to undertake training and accreditation pathways for coaches) and Managing a Club (fundamentals for running a successful sporting organisation).

With regards to skills development we’ve helped peak bodies such as Cricket Australia develop and deliver “train the trainer” content for the coaches who manage the Sporting Schools Program, an initiative of the Australian Sports Commission. This courseware consists of four interactive online learning modules which provide an overview of the program, the key elements of success and a series of skill based games supported by video.