Not For Profit

Making every cent count in training to transform lives.

empowering people to make a difference to their lives and those of others

We know that one of the most important roles for Not-For-Profits is to make sure every dollar is maximised and translated into improving the lives of their beneficiaries. But this can be tricky when success is dependent on training a complex network of staff, volunteers, carers/case workers, family and often the beneficiaries themselves. Peopleplan’s platforms provide an ideal and cost effective educational tool for this sector that overcomes these complexities.

Training that supports a diverse range of stakeholders namely:

Friends and family that are in support of beneficiaries of Not-for-Profits and whose training may be cost prohibitive and difficult to implement face-to-face due to their being so widely spread out across Australia

Beneficiaries who prefer to learn with our online courses rather than in-group environments due to sensitive issues such as mental & sexual health or bullying

Case workers and carers who are often on the road and feel disconnected from their organisations. Our learning and communications platform keeps them engaged and up to date with all necessary communications as they learn and upskill when they please, thus saving them significant time as they travel around for their job

The value of volunteers

Also, our programs are able to boost, motivate and help maintain a significant base group in this sector – volunteers.

Volunteers make a huge contribution but can take up a lot of management time and resources, which many NFPs fall short on. Our platforms enable us to engage and align them with a NFPs objectives strategy and culture, efficiently and cost effectively.

Many volunteers may only volunteer for a day or may need to be trained or inducted on certain skills or compliance issues prior to work. For normal methods of training and induction the cost would be higher than the social impact they make, but our platforms are able to train them prior to commencing so when they start they are as up to speed as a long term volunteer. Plus their expected level of accomplishment is more fulfilled by the time they generously donated.

The services we offer in this sector include

  • Learning consulting
  • Proprietary learning & development platform white-labelled for your NFP
  • Custom digital learning content
  • Accredited training including Volunteering
  • Volunteering Green Card endorsed by Volunteering Services Australia