Empowering your education product to succeed at scale – in Australia and further afield.

Scaling for success

More personalised education is taking place now than in all the universities of the world put together. There are millions of people out there who have pursued thousands of hours of study to improve their lives. Whether your expertise is in beauty, gaming, real estate, wine or entrepreneurship, your goal should be to educate-at-scale. In a nutshell this means figuring out how to take your successful face-to-face training expertise and move it to scale through online learning or a combination of online and face-to-face training. This can be daunting, but at Peopleplan our expertise is in making this shift.

Our learning and communications platform is the backbone of your ability to scale as desired. Not only can your employees or clients learn 24/7 at their own pace, but they can also be engaged through our forums, the communications streams we set up along with any offline events you hold. We work with you as you grow and work towards your targets, creating reports that help you identify additional needs and opportunities. And our user profiles let you set learning modules for specific individuals through to wider groups with the greatest of ease.

Our services include

  • - Online learning engagement strategy including learner personas and learner journeys
  • - Proprietary learning and development platforms white-labeled for your brand
  • - Custom content development including instructional design, graphic design and development
  • - Account management and support

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