Consumer Goods

The consumer goods sector can be intensely competitive with significant product diversification that extends to broad consumer choice. An ever changing landscape including new competitors, discounting, promotions and seasonal influences can influence buyer behaviour. Most importantly, you rely on retail staff “selling” on your behalf and it can be difficult to set and control the conversation. In such a challenging sales environment, product training plays a key role in aligning with the expectations of seller and the end user to enrich their experience.

Bringing together our innovative technology and informative content, Peopleplan offers effective e-learning solutions for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, agents, importers and re-sellers. With significant experience in the FMCG sector, Peopleplan can help you roll out high impact digital learning programs in a variety of learning formats.

We’ve worked with some very successful consumer goods businesses including category leaders such as Force Technology, the largest mobile phone accessories supplier in Australia, to help them stay ‘top of mind’ with retail teams large and small across the country.

Our consumer goods strategy engages third party sales teams and provides them with the right skills and knowledge so they become advocates for your brand and your product range, thereby becoming your most effective marketing tool.