We don’t take a cookie cutter approach to providing learning platforms. We cater to the specific needs of your sector.


In retail the most critical resource for sustainable growth is your people. Our learning plans turn their passions into your profit.

Not for profit

Success in this sector is dependent on educating a complex network of staff and stakeholders. Our tailored solutions result in the highest social impact.


Since 2004 we’ve specialised in providing an extensive range of online aged care courses and supply industry recognised continued professional development for nurses.

Consumer Goods

The consumer goods sector can be intensely competitive with significant product diversification that extends to broad consumer choice. An ever changing landscape including new competitors, discounting, promotions and seasonal influences can influence buyer behaviour. Most importantly, you rely on retail staff “selling” on your behalf and it can be difficult to set and control the conversation. In such a challenging sales environment, product training plays a key role in aligning with the expectations of seller and the end user to enrich their experience.


Volunteers make a vital contribution to their local communities and, more broadly, to the Australian way of life. They reflect the strong values of mateship, compassion and inclusion that Australians are known for the world over.

Sports & Tourism

Whether you’re a participant, coach or just a supporter roaring from the sidelines, sport is something of a national obsession in Australia. At Peopleplan we help sporting organisations grow their brand and engage stakeholders across all levels of their sport.


Characterised by geographical dispersion and varying levels of brand recognition, the success of a franchise, no matter the type or size, is dependent on ensuring consistent delivery. In this highly systemised industry, training is critical to deliver the same customer experience in any type of franchised business.

Workforce Management

We ensure that people representing your business (or your clients business) are all “on the same page”. We see they are effectively inducted so they know the key messages and correct procedures and they have the right level of product knowledge. We also ensure they have sufficient customer service skills and are completely aware of their responsibilities for the job at hand.