Our vision for Young Change Agents has always been big, so we are excited to launch our new digital learning and communications platform this month which will allow us to scale. Our first learners will be our corporate mentors who are being pre-trained ready to hit-the-ground-running in our program with Cerebral Palsy Alliance in Canberra this week.

LUGGAGEThe first half an hour of our programs can be hectic – we are often welcoming teachers, youth and mentors all at the same time. With digital learning, we can ensure that corporate mentors understand the program, their role as mentors, the rules of working with youth, gain some tips from previous mentors and work through a few typical scenarios – all before arriving at the program!

HOSTSHaving worked in eLearning for 4 years previously, it was really important to me that the learning itself was engaging, concise and a mix of activities, videos and review questions. The instructional designer at our digital learning partner Peopleplan suggested a game-based approach where the learner “visits” 5 places where they learn something before collecting a reward and move on to the next place.

It was also important that the look-and-feel was fresh and fun and consistent with our brand.

Our initial feedback from learners has been that it is, “really interesting and even a little fun!” which is great to hear.

Next up are teacher’s resources to allow us to maintain the quality as we grow the program. We look forward to showing you that in the not too distant future!