Peopleplan is in the news! Here’s a feature article that appeared in the Saturday edition of the Australian Financial Review recently. It quotes none other than Peopleplan founder, Gerard Manion who agrees the traditional way of delivering and tracking ‘knowledge’ is set to undergo massive change over the next few years. Here’s an excerpt …

Wikipedia, the most extraordinary fount of organised knowledge which has ever existed, created itself on the internet with the power of crowdsourcing. What if this principle could be applied not only to assembling knowledge, but also credentialing it?

At the moment we can’t do that. But it could soon change. Gerard Manion, owner of Sydney-based online learning company PeoplePlan, is developing a platform which will put a value on the learning which people obtain from any online source. Manion’s product, which is operating in beta, has the potential to accredit the learning which people take from informal sources such as YouTube videos or newspaper articles.

“Individuals can collect everything they are doing and put a value to it and effectively credential it,” Manion says.

Unlike Google, which just tells you what’s popular on the internet, Manion’s application will tell you its educational value. If he succeeds, we are in a new world.

Read the full article here:–tertiary-education-faces-another-shakeup-from-digital-disruption-20161221-gtfuu

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