Rebel & Amart Sport Australia

Rebel Sport started as a single store in the Sydney suburb of Bankstown in 1985 and Amart Sports commenced operation in 1976 . Since that time, they have grown to become the largest sporting and leisure goods retailer with over 165 stores and 6,000 staff across Australia. Rebel and Amart offers a wide range of the latest release, quality, branded sporting and leisure goods, with an extensive list of product categories for the casual and serious fitness enthusiast.

The Situation

Rebel wanted to focus sales growth within specific high margin product categories like fitness equipment which requires a high level of customer assistance. Furthermore, Rebel wanted to build more co-operative relationships with their suppliers by providing them with a better and more measurable ROI on product training.

With 81% of shoppers now searching the internet for product information and 61% reading product reviews before purchasing products*, frontline sales staff need to have the product knowledge and confidence required to sell the features and benefits of products and develop trust with the customer.

There was the need to develop a more accessible, relevant and measurable product training to help sales staff to engage customers and provide them with relevant product information and excellent customer experience.

*Social Times Research November 2014

The Solution

Peopleplan worked with a project team at Rebel to develop a business strategy to build a blended supplier training program to connect their products with their brand ambassadors and increase sale.

Together with the key suppliers, category buyers and marketing department, Peopleplan identified the key customer segments and the relevant features and benefits of each product.

The content was curated and instructionally designed in short interactive learning modules and deployed off the Rebel learning and communications platform – ‘Sports Uni.’ The platform linked the product information with core retail fundamentals and Rebel’s established selling methodology.

The Sports Uni platform enabled the creation, delivery, tracking and assessment of all training to the sales staff. The staff can self-register to gain access to learning modules and undertake assessments to monitor their learning progress. The platform allows great flexibility to the staff in choosing when, where and how to learn and provides them the option to revisit any module to refresh their knowledge.

The retailers can now track the learning progress of their sales team and have complete information on who has commenced or completed their training. The results allow the retailer, the supplier and the sales team manager to access real time information, measure training versus sales growth and collaborate on how to improve results further.

The Result

The learning and communications platform developed by Peopleplan provided a solution that greatly benefits both the supplier and Rebel. With content generated keeping both the sales staff and customers in mind, it helped to create a ‘common language’ that instilled confidence in the sales team member and trust with the customer.

Since its implementation in 2010, the platform has trained over 19,000 people and asked over 1.2 million questions for assessment. It has been enthusiastically adapted by the sales staff and the results have shown a measure increase in sales of products that provide online training to staff.

Benefits to Rebel Sport

  • -Increased staff confidence in, and sales of, selected products
  • -Created goodwill with staff as the supplier invested in their product knowledge
  • -Created a good relationship with the supplier by allowing priority access to staff and building brand credibility
  • -Enhanced branding with customers experiencing the staff’s superior knowledge and advice
  • -Enhanced product category training for staff that is funded by the supplier
  • -Provided better and more timely feedback from staff
  • -Reduction in training costs

Benefits to Suppliers

  • Faster, measurable and more cost effective delivery of product information than small group face to face staff presentations
  • Flexibility to constantly update content, set priorities and support sales of new product lines
  • Goodwill and mindshare created amongst the retail team flows onto customer awareness, understanding, preference and loyalty for the supplier’s products and services
  • Key reporting on all store communications
  • Improved visibility and insights into the channel’s capabilities to execute sales & marketing plans
  • Reduction in wages spent on face to face training
  • Measurable ROI product training and launches
  • Increase the sales of trained products