Fujitsu General Australia

Fujitsu General Australia is a subsidiary of Fujitsu General Limited and has a long history of innovation in consumer electronics particularly through a comprehensive range of air conditioning products. Through the insight and experience their engineers Fujitsu General’s air conditioning solutions have received many awards for technical excellence.

Fujitsu is number one in the retail market and holds a premium price over the major competitors; Panasonic and Mitsubishi. Among air conditioning specialists Fujitsu is number two player to Daikin who also dominates the commercial market.

The Situation

While Fujitsu is number one in the retail market, this sector is not growing.

To increase sales in this sector Fujitsu needed to convince customers that the premium price air conditioning units present better value in terms of total cost of ownership versus lower priced units.

The lack of retail sales staff & consumer knowledge around the complexities of the category made it difficult to communicate this proposition within the retail environment.

The category is considered to be boring which makes it harder to engage customers in meaningful conversations.

The Solution

Peopleplan developed and implemented two interactive Apps that educated retail frontline staff and customers around the benefits of Fujitsu air conditioning.

The Kiosk acted as a silent sales person as well as a training mechanism for retail staff.

This initiative allowed Fujitsu to delve further into their dealer and builder markets and relationships to bring the Fujitsu brand top-of-mind for customers thinking about air conditioning. It also allowed Fujitsu to change customer’s evaluation process to include the concept of ‘total cost of ownership’.

Peopleplan developed the App to educate new starters to the Fujitsu business who may not have worked in air conditioning category before.

‘Economatch’ Kiosk App

A kiosk App developed for iPads, was used on stand displays in store. This provided educational information relating to the range of air conditioners and how they worked.

Most importantly, it contained a product finder tool, called the “Economatch” which captured the input of the customer, and recommended the product which best suited their needs.

The product brochure was then emailed to the customer and the information captured in the Fujitsu Air Hub platform.

Product Catalogue App

The Product Catalogue App was developed for iPads that were deployed in various activities such as conferences, sales events, and kiosk stands.

The catalogue can be updated via a Content Management System built into the Air-Hub platform to ensure information on the latest Fujitsu products is available.

Air Hub

The Air-Hub was built on the Peopleplan Learning & Communications Platform to engage users and retail staff via learning modules and downloadable resources to supplement the modules.

These learning modules are tied into a custom quiz engine, to track user competency. User engagement is also increased via the implementation of News articles, Events, Videos, and Products.


The learning & communications platform pilot stage has been completed and received very positive feedback from participating retailers. Frontline retail staff are clearly more confident in selling Fujitsu products due to better product knowledge.

This in turn has led to more customer leads and a higher conversion rate.

The Kiosks have also provided an increase merchandising brand footprint within retail stores and assisted in building stronger relationships with builders.

The solution is now being rolled out to various markets with a full wall merchandising display in retail, wall mount in builder display centers, and brochure stand with iPad incorporated in larger dealers.