Columbia Aged Care Services

Columbia Aged Care Services offers residential aged care centres in Sydney’s Strathfield, Marrickville and Chatswood, and in Oberon. They have been operating residential aged care facilities for over 40 years and focus on the care and comfort of their residents, providing the highest quality health care, respect their individuality and assist them to maintain their health and happiness.

The Situation

Columbia Aged Care Services provided training to its staff through face-to-face teaching sessions which primarily focussed on the mandatory training requirements for the staff. The challenge however was to ensure all their staff could attend the training sessions and received education specific to their area of work. Columbia Services was looking for alternatives where their staff had the flexibility to access training at a time and pace suitable to them. The administration, delivery and learner activity data would need to be accessible by Columbia to ensure they met all compliance requirements.

The Solution

Aged Care Learning Solutions partnered with the ANMF in 2012 to provide a CPD solution for nurses caring for older people.

The ANMF Aged Care Training Room provides CPD and other resources via an online learning environment to this cohort. The learning activities are grouped into three areas: Residential, Home Care and Health Issues and Diversity. The ANMF ACTR currently provides nurses caring for older people with 60 learning activities including mandatory education. In addition to this, ACLS was one of the first providers to showcase content specific to the diverse care needs of older people including Schizophrenia and Older people, Building Service User Independence, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. All of the courseware is supplemented with everyday working examples that make the learning experience relevant to the nurses’ role and professional responsibilities.

The Solution

The Aged Care Training Room suite of learning activities also includes hundreds of web based references and readings to enhance the learning experience even further.

Access to the Aged Care Training Room allows nurses to learn at a time and pace suitable to them. They can revisit any topic to refresh their knowledge. The ANMF ACTR also provides additional tools to meet the other requirements under the Continuing professional Development Standard for nurses; learning needs analysis, learning plan, reflection, transcript and record of evidence. All learning activities are outcome based and include an online assessment that once completed provides immediate feedback. On successful completion of the learning activity, the topic automatically becomes a part of the nurse’s online portfolio that can then be used as evidence if the nurse is audited.

The Result

Aged care Learning Solutions provided an integrated learning approach through the online learning and communications platform. The platform enabled Columbia Services to deliver, track, assess and manage training of all their staff.

The content was curated to meet training specific to the responsibilities held by the staff. For example, a number of courses including Hazardous manual Tasks, Infection control and Aggression minimisation have different versions for the Support Care staff, Direct Care staff and Registered Nurses. With tailor-made learning content, staff were able to learn through examples that represent their everyday experiences, thus accelerating and enhancing their learning experience. They also had access to a range of other learning activities that could help improve their skills and knowledge to advance their career.

The Result

The assessments at the end of each course provided for a good feedback mechanism on the learner’s progress. The learner also had the option to revisit any course to refresh their knowledge. In addition to this, they received updates on news and events relevant to the industry, including important information like changes in legislation, CPD registration, clinical guidelines, etc.

For Columbia Aged Care Services, they could now access a comprehensive reporting functionality to monitor the learning progress of their staff. The platform provided real time information on how many members of the staff commenced and completed training and how they performed on the assessments.


Benefits to Learners

  • Ongoing education relevant to their job role and performance requirements
  • Flexibility of access to learning
  • Updates on the news of the industry, legislation changes, etc.
  • Upskilling by accessing the learning activities provided on the platform and therefore providing opportunities to advance their career within the organisation

Benefits to Columbia Aged Care Services

  • Provides to build better relationship with their staff through constant communication and support from the management
  • Able to provide education with content that is specific to the workforce, up to date and delivered in a favourable environment
  • Able to review learning progress – download, check, follow-up with staff on completion of training and establish expected levels of performance from them
  • Mechanism available to them to track reports within the system to assist in measuring compliance
  • Mechanism to respond to audit results, complaints, etc.
  • Allows the management to support under-performing staff and to re-enrol them in specific subjects