Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) is the union for registered nurses, enrolled nurses, midwives, and assistants in nursing doing nursing work in every state and territory throughout Australia. The union currently has 249,000 members.

The Situation

The ANMF provides access to online education and training for nurses and midwives to fulfill their CPD requirements. They initially developed a Continuous Professional Education (CPE) offering to support nurses and midwives to undertake their CPD hours and be able to create and update their portfolio to meet the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) CPD requirements.

They were looking to include an Aged Care Training Room that specifically focused on education for nurses whose area of practice is caring for older people in residential services and in the community. The issue that ANMF had was the capacity to continuously build high quality learning content that was relevant, interactive, engaging and accentuated the learner’s knowledge and experience.

The Solution

Aged Care Learning Solutions partnered with the ANMF in 2012 to provide a CPD solution for nurses caring for older people.

The ANMF Aged Care Training Room provides CPD and other resources via an online learning environment to this cohort. The learning activities are grouped into three areas: Residential, Home Care and Health Issues and Diversity. The ANMF ACTR currently provides nurses caring for older people with 60 learning activities including mandatory education. In addition to this, ACLS was one of the first providers to showcase content specific to the diverse care needs of older people including Schizophrenia and Older people, Building Service User Independence, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. All of the courseware is supplemented with everyday working examples that make the learning experience relevant to the nurses’ role and professional responsibilities.

The Solution

The Aged Care Training Room suite of learning activities also includes hundreds of web based references and readings to enhance the learning experience even further.

Access to the Aged Care Training Room allows nurses to learn at a time and pace suitable to them. They can revisit any topic to refresh their knowledge. The ANMF ACTR also provides additional tools to meet the other requirements under the Continuing professional Development Standard for nurses; learning needs analysis, learning plan, reflection, transcript and record of evidence. All learning activities are outcome based and include an online assessment that once completed provides immediate feedback. On successful completion of the learning activity, the topic automatically becomes a part of the nurse’s online portfolio that can then be used as evidence if the nurse is audited.

The Result

The ANMF Aged Care Training Room is now a one-stop shop for nurses to meet all of their CPD requirements as part of their annual registration renewal. They have the opportunity to upskill in specific areas, expand on their current knowledge base or have access to a range of topics to refresh their knowledge at any time. The ANMF can now provide access to high quality, evidence based and best practice continuing professional development for nurses caring for older people.

Nurses caring for older people across Australia have engaged in more than 36,000 learning activities via the Aged Care Training Room.

The feedback is consistently positive that the content is relevant and promotes the delivery of care that is safe and respects the rights of older people.

Benefits to the ANMF

  • Ability to provide high quality, evidence based learning content specific to the learning needs of nurses caring for older people
  • Partnership with an e-learning provider that values the work done by nurses
  • Partnership with an e-learning provider that is continuously working to improve the learning experience for each nurse
  • ACLS takes care of all content update and ensures the smooth running of the Aged Care Training Room

Benefits to the learners

  • Access to a wide range of learning activities that are directly relevant to the knowledge and skills require to provide care and services to older people.
  • Tools and resources to meet all CPD requirements – “One stop shop”.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to fit in with the demands of shift work and life.
  • Undertake learning through content that is interactive and highly engaging.
  • Flexibility of access to learning on multiple devices.


“I am a 41yr old, Enrolled Nurse & graduated 20yrs ago. Whilst reading the ANMF journal, I saw the advertisement for the ANMF Aged Care Training Room. I kept the article, then a few weeks later, made the decision to pay the minimal fee to join. Completing my selected topics online is so convenient. There are numerous topics, which makes it easy to choose what is specific for your area of employment or interest. The information is clear and concise. The assessments are relevant and necessary, to ensure you have understood your chosen topic. It is so rewarding to see the ‘competent’ result once you have finished. You can also check your CPD hours progress. I believe this has made me more confident in my work and I feel satisfied that I am completing my required minimal 20 hours for re registration. There is always assistance if you have questions and the team is very supportive. I highly recommend the ANMF Aged Care Training Room to Nurses who are looking for a convenient and prompt way to complete their CPD, in their own time, at their own pace, with no travel expenses, no seminar fees, just the joining fee, it really is so easy.”