At Peopleplan, learner engagement is central to everything we do. In highly disruptive times organisations must engage their workforce for learning and skill acquisition to take place. As a result, we’ve taken digital learning to a whole new level. We inject videos, gamification, activity elements and animations to captivate learners in a clear, concise, and compact format. To be effective, learning needs to impact behaviour and generate action. Our programs not only promote the acquisition of skills, but also measure skill acquisition making it a powerful tool for evaluation. Management have a clear indication of the progress a learner or group of learners has made between the beginning and the end of the program.

Modules & Quizzes

The training pages are the learning hub of the platform. They contain fully manageable categories, modules and quizzes, which are completely permission based. Users with admin rights can add, modify, delete and publish/unpublished Scorm 1.2 compliant and document modules through this area. Learners can view/undertake learning modules and quizzes from their view.

Learning Library

The Library is a catalogue of optional modules which users can undertake (subject to approval). Users initially register their expression of interest for a module within the library categories, and, if approved by an administrator, it will appear within an “Optional Learning” category in their training page where they can now undertake these approved modules.

Quiz Engine

Add assesFranchisents to your content pages using multiple-choice, true and false and sequential order questions to your courses. Formative assesFranchisents allow users to assess knowledge without writing results to the database while the summative tests automatically generate the learner reports. There is also the option to set your own pass marks for each quiz.

Resource Pages

The Resource pages are home to all downloadable learning resources. These can include various document formats such as most Microsoft Office file formats, Adobe PDF, and also various image formats.


The Forum is a learning and communications portal between staff members of all levels. Permissions can also be applied so that certain categories can be assigned to specific groups. This creates engagement and enhances learning communication within your platform. The forum can be utilised as a social hub for users of the platform. Administrators can create sections, categories, and posts. Users can create new posts, and reply to / like existing posts.

Events Calendar

The Events page is record based, and contains a listing of any upcoming events. Events appear on a user’s calendar on the dashboard. Users can register their expression of interest to attend an event, where administrators can approve/deny access. Create events that users can register by filling out pre-defined form. This widget is able to display one or more events that link off to an individual page that displays full details. Users can register their expression of interest to attend upcoming events and will be advised via notification of approval/denial.


Automated certificates can be generated for each course using custom designed templates.


Integrate your Vimeo/YouTube account through the platform by streaming your choice of videos to users. Users can comment, reply and like/dislike videos and allowing users to have conversations and interaction on each video. This is a great tool to measure success and obtain feedback.


The News Editor enables you to publish news instantly to your platform. Text can be typed directly into the inbuilt editor and published. News stories with a draft status allows for stories to be approved by another administrator. Each time a news article is uploaded, it is also sent to the dynamic homepage widget.


Notifications consist of both system notifications from administrators and messaging between users. Users can interact through sending messages to their managers etc. These messages and notifications can be archived for viewing at a later date. The latest notifications and messages are displayed in the notifications widget on the dashboard.

Activity Log

The Activity Log is a record of communication between three parties: the trainee, the trainer, and the workplace coach. Individuals can log various activity types (phone calls, emails, meetings etc.) and sales assistant them within a module as a subject. The message is posted so all three parties of the conversation can view it. Attachments can be included within the posts.

Policies & Procedures

Provides access to the latest version of all organizational policies and procedures. You can store and categorise your company documents in a secure repository that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. When uploading documents you can also control user access on each through individual or group permissions.


The gallery is a fully managed page where administrators can upload various photos and imagery. These images can be rearranged by drag and drop functionality. The images also scroll through on a dynamic widget on the homepage.


The products page is a listing of desired products which is fully managed by the administrator. Images and descriptions can be sales assistant with a product, which is viewable by all users. The latest image can also be linked to the homepage widget.


The marketing page is a listing of marketing materials which is fully managed by the administrator. Marketing material is viewable and downloadable by all users.