Each year tens of thousands of people apply for a job with businesses and most of them are unsuccessful. Many are Millennials who form opinions quickly, often via social media. They are the ‘now generation’ who expect immediate gratification.

Not only do they want the perfect job, research shows they also expect more than just a wage from their employer. They look for flexible work opportunities and rapid career development pathways. Young job seekers are increasingly confident and wish to work for brands they know and appreciate. Employers also want loyal, confident candidates.

When you get a match, everyone wins.

But what happens to those that aren’t offered a role with a business they believe is a good ‘match’ for them?


1. Receive a standard letter or email
2. Get little or no explanation
3. No additional guidance or ‘value add’
4. Costs you money!

the training...

Industry learning and communications initiative that empowers individuals to develop their skills in business critical areas.

Over 20 core modules covering all content areas such as compliance, service, sales, leadership and team work. Content is aligned to AQF standards and has been used by some of Australia’s leading brands.

Also includes a Job Tool Kit containing practical information on:

• How to write a strong resume
• Written and verbal communication skills
• Personal presentation